Month: May 2018

Living in Neverland: Being Kids While Adulting Successfully

Brad and I decided a long time ago that we wouldn’t grow up. Not all the way, at least. One of the reasons we wanted kids is to bring them into our little Neverland and stay kids forever. Unfortunately, kids aren’t an option right now. But, that doesn’t mean Brad and I decided to grow up or anything. Here’s how to be a kid while still managing to adult with success.

The Theory of Gummy Vitamins

There are a lot of boring adult things that Brad and I have to do to make it in our world. But, we’ve discovered that with a little magic and imagination, we can take the most boring adult things and make them fun.

For example, we both take our vitamins. Did we opt for the bitter pill? No. We got the gummy vitamins.

Our checkbook isn’t plain white. It’s superheroes.

Brad wears a tie to church every Sunday. Usually, it’s his favorite┬áR2-D2 tie.

We take the normally plain, grown-up things and find the most fun option available. Yes, we adult but we don’t grow up.

Cartoons and Video Games

As we get older, we realize that we still like a lot of the same stuff we did when we were kids. We still watch cartoons and Brad and I are both casual gamers. Why deprive ourselves of things we enjoy because they don’t technically fall under “age appropriate” entertainment?

You don’t have to have a kid in the room to watch old Disney classics or The Cartoon Network? You’re an adult. No one can tell you what you can and can’t watch. So, watch the fun “kid” stuff if it makes you happy.

Halloween and Christmas

“Yes, Virginia” in Brad and I’s world there is a Santa Clause. We also keep the Spirit of The Great Pumpkin and The Pumpkin King in our home at Halloween.

We go all out for holidays. We dress up for Halloween and decorate the house from top to bottom. For both Christmas and Halloween we watch holiday-appropriate movies all season long.

Christmas is a bash for us. We give out presents we decorate, we watch movies and celebrate as hard as we can, so when it’s over we don’t feel like we missed a single thing.


Brad and I strive to make each other’s lives magical. We remind each other of the wonders and miracles happening every moment all around us. We seek excuses to find fairytales in the ordinary and magic in every minute of every day.

We refuse to grow up because growing up “means forgetting.” Growing up means losing the wonder and the magic that sparks out of everything. What a tragedy it must be to forget about magic. Luckily, you can turn back the clock. You can “un-grow-up.” It starts with not taking yourself so seriously. Let go of the pride of your prestige and focus on what matters. Smell the wildflowers, play at the park, watch a cartoon. Be your true self, because the real you is still there and you haven’t really grown up. You’ve just shut yourself off to the magic for sake of appearances. Don’t be so silly and let go.

Brad and I have discovered that you don’t have to be parents to keep the child-like magic in your world. All you have to do is make it yourself. It’s easy if you get a little bit humble and a little honest. The scriptures tell us that we must “become as little children” to enter into the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:3). Part of being a child is recognizing all the miracles and blessings and teachings of Heavenly Father in our lives, and seeing those things stirs up joy in our hearts. So, stop growing up, and start seeing all the miracles and wonder in the world around you.